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1Create a Website

We design websites that are trustworthy to your customers and prospects. Then, we can optimize it for Google, help with writing sales copy, design your logo, and just about anything else required for your marketing to be a success.

2Register a Domain

Governing authorities release domain names for the public to register on a first come/ first serve basis. We ensure our clients own their domain names and can take control over it anytime with a 3rd party login... but we will handle the registration and anything technical for you.

3Make Hosting Live

For your website to be live, servers across the globe must maintain an updated copy of your website files for others to access when typing in your domain name (otherwise, nothing will show up!) For a small monthly fee, we handle this for you becuase it's highly tecnical and can require a lot of proactive work to prevent hackers that are constantly attempting to cause problems and steal your data.

4Install Security

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is installed to your account and validates your website ownsherp as credible, allowing servers to encrypt data transfered back and forth with visitors. This not only makes you more trustworthy with customers, but helps Google trust you more too! Once installed, everyone will see a lock icon in the address bar next to your domain.

SSL certificates

5Setup Email Addresses

We'll set your company up with Google Suite Tools, including Gmail, Calendar, and everything else regular Google accounts offer... except this will be with

6Manage & Support

There will always be ongoing work needed to maintain your website and keep it running well. We handle everything for you from making sure the website is stays secure to keeping it optimized for new browsers and devices. We also can make changes for you as needed for a very small hourly fee.

7Integrations & Reports

We will setup tracking software from Google and Bing, create reports for you, and help review the data each month or as needed so you can make the best marketing decisions!