Standup Bot FAQ's

Can Standup Bot run my meetings automatically?


How do I manually initiate a standup today?

You can run a standup manually by issuing the command ‘/standup’ in the channel, as long as Standup Bot is in that channel too.

What are Daily Reports and how do I get them?

Daily reports are sent to everyone in the standup channel after the standup is completed. This is ON by default.

Is it possible to Update my standup after I've submitted it for the day?

If you have already told Standup Bot the answers to all the questions for the day, you still have time to change those answers. You can do this by editing the answers from within Slack. We don't want to re-write their great guide on it, you can find out how to do that here , on Slack's website you can only make changes, if the standup window is still open for today.

How do I setup a Standup?

First, you need to invite Standup Bot to the channel you’re wanting to hold standups to. After that, you can quickly access the settings for that channel by asking Standup Bot for help `@standup_bot help`. There is a link that says, “edit settings”. Click that, and you’ll be able to edit the settings for that channel easily.

Format responses during your standup to make everything more readable

If you need to list more than one item when you are telling Standup Bot your answers, simply follow Slack’s recommendation on how to make a list, here is a link to their FAQ.

How do we schedule Standup Bot not to run on holidays?

Right now, Standup Bot doesn’t believe in Holidays and thinks everyone should be working every day.

I would like to add a question to my standup routine and the bot only allows 3. Is there a way for me to add a question?

Standups have a standardized three question maximum. To keep everyone on your team happy, we do not allow more than three questions, you can however modify those three questions to whatever you wish.

Do you have any integrations for JIRA, Github, etc?

No, we're a communication tool. If we integrated other task management products into Standup Bot the closer we get to yet-another-project-management-tool. We're not trying to replace other tools, we're wanting to fix a fundamental problem with teams: communication.

Is there a way to add another Manager that wants the reports, but does not want to participate?

Simply invite that manager to the standup channel and then tell Standup Bot to excuse that manager.

@standup_bot excuse @manager

The manager will not have to participate in each standup, but they will recieve the email report everytime the day’s standup is completed.

I am leaving my current position, how can I transfer this account to new manager?

Simply tell our support team by clicking here that you’re leaving and which username you’d like to transfer the account to and we’ll take care of that for you. Make sure to tell the new admin to update the credit card information if needed, too!

Is there a Free version of Standup Bot?

Not at this time. We want our paying customers they won’t be interrupted or slowed down because we have 1,000’s of other customers that don’t pay anything.

Can I pay via ACH or Check?

The short answer right now is: no . We do accept these types of payments from enterprises that are on $500+ plans a month with us.

Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

Of course! We don't practice any dark-web tactics by "hiding" the cancel button. You can click here to be taken to the screen to cancel your account. We'll send you an email with our best wishes and hope that you would come back as a customer again. It would be really nice if you told us why you were leaving though, so we can fix anything that we need.

How can I limit the standup to specific users in the channel?

Simply edit the members for your standup, and mark each one you do not want to be involved.

Can our company's accountant receive the invoices?

Sure! Just write to us, we haven't added the ability to allow customers to do that themselves since it's not part of our "core" offering. We don't get asked that too much, but you can just tell anyone of our support staff by asking our support staff that you want to change the email address to send invoices to and we'll be happy to do that for you.

Does Standupbot send an email report of everyones standup for the day?

You bet.

How do you add a status once it is marked N/A (Not Available)?

A N/A status is unfortunately "not available" for that standup. There is no way to restart that specific standup for that member on that day.

Do we take the Weekends off? (Saturday and Sunday)

YEAAAHHHH. (Turn your volume down before you click)

Do we offer discounts to Schools or Charities?


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