Monthly SEO Strategy

A monthly, done for your SEO service to improve your keyword rankings.

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1Optimize Website

We only need to do this once... and it's already done if we built your website of course.

Otherwise, we can give you a quote for implementing our checklist or providing a technical audit for your existing development team to use.

SEO Audits

2Choose Keywords

First, we'll discover all the various topics your prospects are seraching for with Google and Bing. Then, we'll make a plan for how best ot publish new content angles that are targeting the most effective keyword targets.

3Create New Pages

Each month, we will choose the next best keyword target and create the content we need (or modify your existing content if applicable), optimize this content for the chosen target keyword phrases, and then make it all live so google (and prospects of course) can see it.

4Get Inbound Links

The secret sauce of SEO.... links. By actively getting other websites to link to the nwe content we publish for you, Google will begin ranking it higher and higher for the target keywords! The more links we get and the better they are, the higher you will rank.

5Report & Repeat

After we publish your newly optimized content and gain new links to it that will help with making it rank in Google, you will receive a report from us showing you what was done. We will also include reports on previously completed monthly campaigns so we stay on the same page so to speak about the ongoing effectiveness of this service. The longer we let it run, the more links we get and higher all your pages will rank!