I'm Donnie Cooper, I'll make you money. Call me: 850-270-7027

As your director of marketing:

I'll manage an entire team doing all of your marketing.

As your web guy:

Just email what needs to be done, then watch it happen.

As your SEO guy:

I will kick your competitor's butts in Google and Bing!

As your consultant:

I will teach you everything I know and coach you to success.

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Need someone to manage your marketing?

I'm an expert at managing teams, marketing tactics, and strategically making everything work together in your favor. The buck stops with me, I'll earn my keep.... in spades!


Looking for a web guy?

I have a whole team backing me up on the back-end, so I can be sure I get each thing done by an expert and in a timely manner. Give me a try, ask me to do something small and see for yourself.

Want better keyword rankings?

Then you've come to the right place. Hire me before your competitors do. I have a unique take on SEO... I focus on the money you make from the dollars you spend. Imagine that.


Need expert consultanting for your team?

Dozens of people rely on my coaching to help them get ahead of their competitors online. First we will identify exactly what stragety is going to work best and then I will help make sure you execute it expertly. Here's my reviews.

Let's talk about your marketing

Want Proof?

Here's some clients I've worked with. Click a logo then get in touch to ask about me.