Track Logged in WordPress Users with Analytics

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Create Google Analytics segments based on logged in user roles. Be sure “wp_footer” is used on your footer.php file.

1. Upload this plugin to your directory and activate through the ‘Plugins’ menu.
2. Wait for WordPress users to login and be processed in Google Analytics (typically 1 day).
3. Log into your Analytics account and find/ click “Create New Segment”.

4. Click “Conditions”.
5. Select “Custom Variable (Value 05)” from the left-side drop down menu.
6. On the right-side field, begin typing one of the user role types (Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber) and as you type, you should see options to choose from appear below the field.
7. Select to either “Include” or “Exclude” these visitors from your Analytics reports.
8. Give the segment a descriptive name such as “User Role Administrator” and click “Save”.

9. During future Analytics sessions, you can select the custom segment you’ve created for a quick analysis of your logged in visitors.
10. Tweet a thanks to @inboundable.


Download Plugin Here



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