Inboundable’s purpose and Donnie’s vision

Why I even started

I’ve loved business since before I can remember. Not any specific business, just business in general. Growing up, my dad would always take me to mow lawns during the day, run a fruit stand in the afternoon, and hit newspaper routes at night. He outworks everyone.

As I got older, I found mentors to teach me about working smarter and leveraging other people’s time. I spent years and years soaking up everything I could… but I was still an employee. I hated that.

So I decided to jump. Or crawl rather…

I saved up some cash, made a trial run, got a couple initial clients and then just started. I chose web marketing because I was good at it from past experience, and I could learn from other businesses. That’s my true “why”. I wanted to learn as fast as possible, so I could be a “business master”…

purpose = mission + vision + values + goals

I’ve come to realize that “learning to be a business master” is too arbitrary of a goal. I need to do business, not just learn it. So, I jumped again. Just recently in 2013, I’ve switched focus from being obsessed with working in my business to working on building my business.

I need to have leads, clients, referrals, teams, processes, documentation, etc. I’ve changed everything about my business this year (even the name was different… “scientific roi”) for the purpose of helping me do business instead of just dream about.

Here’s my dream.. Inboundable grows to 250 clients ranging from small to medium sized companies. Specifically, we want to work with businesses who need a web presence but don’t have the budget for a full time team. I hope we help these business owners create more free time and less stress… and I obtain the same by doing so.

Here’s how… I’ve built a system for getting results that can be duplicated, based on my past success with clients. I’ve hired and trained staff to execute these systems.

Email me if you want to chat about it!

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