Creating A Brilliant Marketing Plan For The Hotel Industry

Any business that wants to find success needs a solid marketing plan, and the hotel industry is no exception. If you’re opening a bed and breakfast, or you’re looking to revitalize an inn or hotel, one place to start is with a fresh marketing plan. Let’s look at how to build a marketing plan for the hotel industry.

A note: you don’t ever need to create a marketing plan from scratch. Whatever industry you’re in, there are enough sample plans and publicly published plans from established companies on the Internet that you can get a good idea of how to get started.


Mplans offers a variety of free marketing plans that work for many different industries, including hotels and B&Bs. You can look at the different available marketing plans, and consider how to adapt these strategies to work for your specific niche. They can also help you determine the right direction for your own marketing in order to be successful.

Blogs and articles

If the formality of plans like those on MPlan is intimidating for you, you may feel more comfortable searching out articles and informal marketing plans for the hospitality industry.¬†Good articles will still touch on the major components of a marketing plan that will work for motels, hotels, and small local inns–branding, customer relations, events, and email communications.

Thought leadership within your industry

You may already have a marketing plan, but you’re finding that something just isn’t quite working. Diving into thought leadership in your industry is a great way to reconsider your existing marketing and reflect on whether or not it’s as effective as it should be. Be careful taking this sort of advice wholesale, however; always glance at the author’s credentials to make a decision about how much you should pay attention to what they say. Someone who is the CEO of a successful hospitality chain probably has more expert advice on how hotels should operate than someone who is the CFO of a retail location.

Marketing plans from existing franchises

For example, the published marketing plan for the Sheraton Hotels. If you’re not a multinational hotel chain, you may find that some of the suggestions made in this sort of plan don’t apply to your business, but it will still give you a comprehensive overview of the kinds of questions you should be asking about your hospitality business, whether you entertain hundreds of guests or hundreds of thousands of guests annually.

Simple how-to guides

If you are pretty sure you know how to market your hotel, bed & breakfast, or motel, but need some guidance on how to organize your thoughts, how-to guides that focus on creating a marketing plan for the hotel industry can help you determine the right questions to ask in order to make sure your plan for advertisements and marketing is cohesive and comprehensive.

Don’t forget business plans

For many businesses, their marketing plan is one section of their overall business plan. As you’re searching around and looking for samples to build from, make sure to remember to look into hotel business plans as well as marketing plans. Websites like Bplans offer samples that will, again, help you get off the ground.

For many types of businesses, your marketing plan will be the most important part of your business plan, at least in the early phases. One great way to get feedback on what you create is to contact your local Small Business Administration chapter, or local Chamber of Commerce, to get mentorship or even just a second opinion on your plan itself.

What do you think is the most crucial part of the marketing plan for the hotel industry?

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