I Teach SEO The Right Way

SEO Is NOT Complicated.

20% of SEO activities deliver 80% of results. After just 1 phone call, you’ll know EXACTLY how to rank in Google.

SEO is part of Inbound Marketing

I’ve developed a formula you can duplicate & boiled the process down to non techy action steps. Step 1 is understanding that seo is part of inbound marketing .

A Google Expert

I've helped over a hundred clients get a sh$% load of traffic. I will teach you seo (the easy way) so you can grow without getting scammed.

Donnie Cooper & Team

Donnie is a salesman turned marketer. He's talked to over 100,000 strangers on purpose and sold parasail rides to a ton of them. He even tried high pressure sales briefly, but hated it as much as you probably do.

Donnie spent years studying the crap out of every SEO blog he could find on Google. He used all that learning to help a few selected clients rank, get traffic & get rich by implementing as many tactics as they would let him. The problem came when he realized he was spending too much time studying and not executing.

It's the classic SEO trap that too many people fall into. Now-a-days he's executing on all that stuff he learned, while waging war on procrastination and buck passing. He advocates for mastering the basics before even thinking about reading advanced theories on SEO blogs.

You should hire Donnie before he quits consulting. He's working on his own online business, so he won't be available for hire much longer.


Don't Do SEO The Hard Way

After a brief call, you'll understand exactly how you can rank in Google...I've developed a formula you can duplicate and I've boiled the process down to just the bare, necessary activities.

90% of the small businesses that call me rank at the top of Google after doing a little outreach and properly optimizing their site just once! Great investment huh?

Here's a quick example of me teaching...

Why You Should Call Me

Companies with teams & techy nerds (like me) see fast results by executing my game-plan. It's easy to follow and involves key players executing brief but important tasks. 100% of my clients have used me over and over because they love the quick and tactical advice I give.

I don’t try to upsell, I just get you the best results possible given your resources. Wage war on procrastination... Anytime you make a change to your website, run it by me and I’ll let you know (with my 8+ years experience) what to do.

  • My call with Donnie was scheduled for 15 minutes but we ended up talking for an hour. I've read plenty of SEO books but always ended up confused. After talking with Donnie for a little while a lightbulb went off and I "got it." I've actually already been teaching some coworkers what I learned from Donnie. I'd highly recommend giving Donnie a call. It won't be a waste of your time or money.

    Josh Pigford Temper

  • In Donnie's first hour consulting with me, I learned more about SEO than I have in all the books I've read, talks I've heard, and presentations I've seen. Reason being - Donnie doesn't focus on theory. He gives me actionable steps for my business that I could actually accomplish. Within a week I was seeing results from what he taught me and I'd never really seen results from my SEO efforts before.

    Dodd Caldwell Moonclerk

  • I worked with Donnie, as a customer of Rejoiner, on several of his clients at Inboundable. I was consistently impressed by his attention to detail and his endless drive for getting the best results possible for his clients.

    Mike Arsenault Rejoiner

  • Donnie is a fast-paced, creative, out-of-the-box thinker that will benefit any Company that hires him. He pushes his clients to work harder on a daily basis and is a true partner in business. I would highly recommend Donnie to anyone that owns a website.

    Justin Shelton Emerald Coast Vacation Rentals

  • Donnie gets the job done. The end.

    Allan Branch Less Accounting

  • Donnie was super helpful in helping us start and learn to manage our AdWords campaigns.

    Genevieve Charest Filings Made Easy

My skills

If you ask me to do anything else, I'll tell you no.

  • On-Site Audit

    I'll go through your entire site and document changes you should make to keep up with best practices.

  • Off-Site Analysis

    Get an awesome report about why your competitors are ranking for specific keywords, and what you need to do about it.

  • Keyword Research

    I have a unique process for researching keywords. I keep it simple, but comprehensive by using Google's search volume and moz's difficulty scores.

  • Strategy Help

    I'll research and develop a customized inbound marketing plan for your company.

  • Google AdWords

    I’ve helped companies make truck loads of cash by managing over 1 million dollars in ads. I can teach you how.

  • Bing AdCenter

    Very easy actually, since you can upload your AdWords campaigns and run on both search engines just as easily.

Frequently asked questions

I wonder if anyone reads this. If you did, tell me and I'll buy you lunch.

Do we have to use clarity.fm to set a meeting?

I guess not, but I prefer it because I stick to a strict schedule and it takes care of payments for us. It also gives you a 3rd party to dispute with in case you think this entire website is just built to take your money and run.

Can I hire you long term?

Probably. I work with 3-5 clients at a time for about 1-6 months. You'll know if this is a good solution for you after we talk once or twice.

Can you give me a proposal?

If you want a customized proposal that will outline what I recommend doing for your company, I'll need to spend a few (billable) hours researching your data and opportunities. I can however, give you a general guideline document.

Why a dinosaur?

It doesn't matter.

Some clients I've worked with

I've helped over 100 companies, here's just a few.

An SEO Consultant

I can't do all the work for you, but I can make sure your company is doing the right things.

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